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Building and Sky / U.S.



Digital print, Acrylic plate, Vinyl sheet

Solo exhibition, "Because it is there" Gallery Gen, Tokyo, Japan




Sometimes I am looking up at the sky when I walk about the city. The sky above me is an extension of the sky from other towns. It is spatially huge and seems to drift ever so slowly. Meanwhile, on the ground in busy cities, people never seem to have the time to stop as they keep moving about. For me, the buildings located between the earth and the sky constitutes the scenery of the city, as the sky makes me aware of the border more distinctly. My exploration is to witness the city from inside out, looking for elements to expose their character using this perspective. I have an interest in the things created by people. Artificial stuff is constructed for functionality and purpose. But, when they become layers upon each other, the meaning often dissolves, yet we can discover something new.


This series work "Building and Sky" is created by layering several pictures of buildings upon the image of the sky. My artistic practice is based upon series that involves different cities. Through my projects, I hope to understand aspects of the city’s culture and character that tend to be more subtle and discreet.  I separate a part of the sky and a part of the building, visually causing it to appear as a scene that is shaped by the structure of the city. Also, I strive to show colors of the city in ways that are understated but tangible. For me, colors have a very strong definition. My interest in understanding the city is through the kaleidoscope of varying hues that define its unique locality.

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