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H1080mm×W590mm×D300mm, H200mm×W780mm×D200mm, H450mm×W580mm×D730mm, H800mm×W1080mm×D300mm, H200mm×W1280mm×D1070mm

Concrete, Iron Bar, Pigment

​Art Town Project Kunneppu 2021

Permanent Exhibition

2021, Recreation Park Kunneppu

The scenery seen from the plane on the way to Kunneppu was beautiful nature and vast tracts of plotted farmland.
From my conversations with the people of Kunneppu, they recalled how the town used to be, and I heard their wishes for the next generation of today.
The main occupation of the people of Kunneppu is farming. The farmland owned by each farmer is vast, and the work is passed down from generation to generation. However, for one reason or another, some families have given up their farmland, and some farmland is not managed by anyone.
Since ancient times, work and life have been passed down from generation to generation based on the land (house). Today, some children may leave home after growing up. However, at any given moment, the land is there, and the community is there to welcome them. I think that is what we call "hometown".
I am interested in how people move and adapt to places. In the same way, I feel that even after growing up and becoming an adult, one can quickly return to one's senses and adapt to the town and environment where one was born and raised.
The shape of this work was created refers to the farmland seen from above in the town of Kunneppu.
The white cement is lightly covered with colors that change from green to yellow to red according to the seasons. The work changes its expression depending on how the sun hits it and how the shadows fall.
My work will always be in this place in the future.
And just like the people who live in Kunneppu, my work will be waiting here for newcomers and people to come home. I hope that my work will become a "place" that welcomes people and where they spend time, just like the way things are in a hometown.


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