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What makes me think about "windows" was the encounter of various Iron frames on windows when walking around the city in Taiwan. Why do Taiwanese people put such various frames on the windows?  Buildings have various kinds of window frames, which show various designs by an owner, from simple to elaborate designs. I have asked Taiwanese people, They said: "Window frames are crime prevention that prevents intruders from outside, and it is for safety to avoid children falling down." It is not an unexpected answer, but I felt it does not make any sense. In the daily life for Taiwanese, They have never considered about the different colors and shapes of the window frames. It is just like I have never thought of window frames in Japan. However, the unique window frames show the age. Also, People who are living in that room view out a scenery through the window frame every morning, the scenery will be cut out in various shapes by the window frame. I think that such a thing as a "window frame" for the growing city which has a simplified visual is a beautiful element that creates the everyday landscape of Taiwan, reflecting the city's personality and history. This project "windows" which research and reconsider about "windows" be held in Taipei (2014) and Shanghai (2014), Taichung, Tainan, Tokyo (2017), is going on in the future.


2014, Taipei, TAIWAN

2016, Shanghai, CHINA

2027, Taichung, Tainan, TAIWAN

2019, Lithuania

Project "Windows"






2014 台北、台湾/ 東京

2016 上海、中国

2017 台中・台南、台湾

2019 ニダ・クライペダ・ビリニュス、リトアニア

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