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Exhibition Information: 

"Room and Garden The Form of Distance"

Venue: Musashino Art University Museum Gallery 1

Photo: Takuma Ishikawa (left above)

One casually notices plants in front of residences while walking down the street. Although they are the property of the homeowners and staged by them, because of their placement, they are randomly shared as momentary objects of appreciation by people passing by the houses. They become part of the landscape, floating as an ambiguous presence between the private and the public.

The plants collected from various homeowners in this exhibition are free from their roles when placed along the house and site and will show us a new way of being as individual objects.


The plants, which usually decorate the artist's home, the gardens of close friends, and the balcony of the university's laboratory, were collected and spread out on the lawn in front of the museum.



日頃は、作家の自宅 や近しい友人の庭、本学研究室のベランダなどを彩る植木が集められ、当館前に 広がる芝生の上に展開された。

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