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Plane trees with Laundry



Digital print, Frame, Acrylic board

2016, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai

As I walked into the city of Shanghai on a sunny day, I noticed that laundry was hanging all over the place. Laundry jumped over the veranda of the house, and they are handed on sidewalk fences, street trees, on motorcycles, wherever possible to hang. Someone tie a string to the street tree and hang laundry. The clothes hanging between the two trees were colorful and swaying in the wind, and neighbors were chatting and playing board games under laundry. You can easily find Platanus trees in the city of Shanghai. Platanus trees planted throughout the town at one time under government policy. Green leaves grow in summer, leaves become red in autumn, and leaves fall in winter. Platanus trees affected people's lives and showed various expressions in each season. The easy-going people of Shanghai who hang laundry on the street,  Platanus trees and laundry create the everyday scenery of Shanghai together.


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