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You just only start from where you are



Many things have kept consuming in a big city. The same everyday life that never stopped was routined in Chinatown. Stores that are in a row in Chinatown sold the same stuff. One day, I tried to talk to the woman at one of the stores where I stop by sometimes. At first, he did not talk about anything other than business, but he gradually talked about her things like Her family is in New York, but her relatives are in China. It isn't straightforward for her to return to the country. The expression of her talking about it seemed gentler than the usual appearance of living in New York. New York is home to many immigrants from different nations, and their lives are scattered throughout the city, building up its history. Their daily lives had passed away just like being consumed, but they also added color to the city.


Fabric, Pasta, Mug, Wood, Iron wire, Chair, Table, Plaster, Table light, Floor lump, Plant, Acrylic color, Wallpaper, Digital print, Ribbon


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