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This project will consider old travel postcards.

Thinking back, when I was a student and started going on trips, I picked out postcards of photogenic pictures at souvenir shops in tourist spots. I sent postcards to my family and others about my enjoyable travels. Sometimes I even sent them to myself as a tool to draw out memories of my trip after I returned home.
I always felt familiar with the destinations I visited as I spent time there.
However, I felt a little funny when I saw the out-of-place appearance of the place depicted in the postcards, which was dignified and proud as if it was some special place.

Nowadays, we can easily share our memories by simply uploading photos of our travels on social networking sites. Still, I wonder how much we convey our travel experiences to the viewers through those photos. Even if we meet in person, it is tough to completely share the extraordinary experience of travel because there are things that only those who have experienced it can experience.

Even so, as long as there are people who want to send their travel memories on postcards, postcards of tourist attractions will continue to exist. I used to buy postcards at tourist spots, whether or not I sent them to someone. Sometimes my thoughts flew through the air like a travel letter to someone I cared about, along with a funny picture of the scenery.

Now I look at the postcards that someone sent to someone else. Since I have not been to the place I visited and have not heard the story of the person who made this trip, all I can know is the landscape photo on the front and the message on the back. I have no memories of the place in the landscape photo.
I am sure that someone somewhere who received this postcard from the sender must have wondered what the town in the photo looked like, just as I am doing now.
In my room, I am looking at the scenery on the surface of the postcard and trying to create a memory of that unknown faraway place. I hope that someday when I visit that place, I will feel as close to it as I once did to the place I once traveled to.










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