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Someone's Travel, A Place I Don't Know.


Installation size flexible

Digital Print on Fabric, Wood, Chair, Lamp, Hanger Rack, Cloth, Plaster

2021, Second02.

photo : Ken Kato

Now I'm looking at the postcards that someone sent to someone else. Since I haven't been to the place, I visited and haven't heard the story of the person who made this trip. All I can know is the landscape photo on the front and the message on the back. I have no memories of the place in the landscape photo.
I am sure that someone somewhere who received this postcard from the sender must have wondered what the town in the photo looked like, just as I am feeling now.
In my room, I'm looking at the scenery on the surface of this postcard and trying to create a memory of that unknown faraway place. I hope that someday when I visit that place, I will feel as close to it as I once did to the place I once traveled to.


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