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草を編む / Weaving Grass



Digital print on paper

VIdeo: Cutting Grass(11min52sec, color, sound) 

            Weaving Grass(29min50sec, color, sound) 

Exhibition Information: 

Katsurao Collective 2023 Activity Report Exhibition

Venue: Katsurao Village Reconstruction and Community Center Azalea


Photo : Ai Sugiura

In Katsurao Village, people who were forced to leave their homes after the earthquake formed a mowing team and began mowing grass at their evacuation sites. Even today, you can still see the mowing team cutting the grass in the village. Especially when summer arrives, not only the mowing team, but someone somewhere is mowing the grass. The growth of the grass in summer is tremendous, and it is not easy for the labor of mowing to compete with that growth.
Grass spreads its roots and leaves in the smallest of spaces. People and grass inevitably coexist with each other in everyday time and the landscape. Through the observation of grass, we can sense the connection between place and people and the passage of time.
As people leave, the land gradually diminishes the traces of people and becomes inhabited by grasses, shrubs, insects, and animals. However, when the land is managed by the people and the grass is cut, the land becomes airy and returns to a landscape where people's lives can be seen.
Through my stay in Katsurao Village, I realized that a landscape suitable for human habitation cannot be obtained without the labor of people cutting the grass.

Through my experiences in Katsurao Village, I transformed it into Video and Mixed-media Media photo-collage.





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