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Immigrant Birds #1
Immigrant Birds #2
Immigrant Birds #3


H25.8cmxW25.8cmxD6.4cm (each)

Plexiglass, wood, Paper, Silkscreen Print on Plexiglass

Venue: Prime Yokohama-Idogaya

            (permanent installation)


Photo : Sachiko Inoue

In Yokohama, which opened as a trading port, the textile printing and dyeing industry developed greatly, partly due to the rapid growth of the raw silk market. The Ooka River played a major role in this development. Craftsmen used to wash their fabric in the Ooka River to remove excess dye and paste, and the river was repeatedly dyed in vivid artificial colors such as red and blue.
When the textile printing industry was developing in Yokohama, there were well over 100 industries in this area, but now there are only a few.
The topography ties the story of the past to the present day.
The Ooka River, which has regained its original color, is still there. Cherry Blossom trees line the riverbanks, and a variety of birds, fish, turtles, and other animals live there. People have begun to carefully protect the nature that remains in the city, and a peaceful daily landscape has grown up there.



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