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We have the ability to transform the extraordinary surrounding environments and everyday items to the daily-life by experiencing and getting used to them. I find somethings that stand quietly in the daily-life that was extraordinary before, and that I continue to observe them as they become something special. 
And, I consider the meaning that things give to people than the function that these things originally had. Through our daily-experiences pass by unconsciously, we give sense to things. Over time, a thing what got a meaning will become part of our memories. I'm interested in these transformations that occur during this process of a thing become a memory. I think that it may be invisible-silent-connections what made between me and an item in the surrounding environment. 
Even if something I discover is just trivial in my daily life, I want to notice the possibility of it, try to transform it into something visible. I want to make it exist in the same space as me. I always want to explore possibilities that are born from relationships that have new forms by which it contains invisible connections and experiences that are difficult to describe with words.

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