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2013 杉浦藍 


More than any special things, the fact that I live every day like this and that I have a regular life, and the scenery I am in. The feeling that people change the extraordinary to the ordinary over time. That is a sense that people are aware of in relation to the things around them, and an invisible connection is created in the unspoken relationship. So, I look for a possibility to create a new form in daily life. I look for an innocent thing as possible. That is a trivial thing, and if it comes in my dream, it would be a part of a regular life as if I confuse it with reality.

It's just if a trivial one scene in my daily life could be a treasure, upon realizing it I have to tell that to somebody before I lose it. Not in words, but in form. People find the value of daily things for the first time through their feelings just like novels although they are near them. Also, that signifies a scene that you see but you don't really see. By formulating it with materials from the elements creating that situation, a new point of view is created from new angles. I try to create a new experience using space and situation. What is the meaning, not function, that an unspoken material gives to people? That comes from experience and calls up memories. I focus on the experience that people gain in their environment and try to form a design that gives new experience by putting shape in space and situation for the awareness people give to things, latent things and unconscious acts.

2013 Ai Sugiura