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Plaster Putty, Acrylic Paint, Wallpaper, 

2019, Si:said Gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Research project "Animal Figures in the Window" in Lithuania

This is a series of work “Waiting” which has developed through observation of windows in fieldwork of "Animal Figures in the Window". The figurine ornament has been placed in front of a window was stood silently in someone's house across over window glass. They are just viewing outside, don't tell anyone about the changes of the seasons which keep changing every day. It seemed to be waiting for something and waiting for a new season. In this exhibition, this white statue was looking out of the gallery as a clone of the figurine ornament which is also viewing outside in somewhere cut out from daily moment.

「Waiting」シリーズはプロジェクト「Animal Figures / Souvenirs」の中で行う観察から展開した作品である。窓辺に置かれる置物は、窓ガラス一枚を挟んで誰かの家の中に静かに佇んでいた。彼らの視線は外へ向き、日々変化を続ける四季の移り変わりを誰に伝えるでもなくただ見つめていた。その姿は何かを見届けているようでもあり、また新しい季節を待ちわびているように見えた。この白い像は、日常の瞬間から切り取られた外の風景を眺めて何かを待ちわびている、いつか見た置物と同じ形を持つ分身であり、その置物と同じように窓から外を見つめている。

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