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A fitting pattern


Installation size flexible 

Wood, Funiture, Wooden Toy, Plant, Wallpaper, Plaster, Book, Mirror, Flower 

2017, Book Site, Tainan, Taiwan

The exhibition, entitled "A Fitting Pattern," was created by three artists based on themes of things and ideas both will take over from the past to the future.
The venue where the exhibition was held was once a hotel. The floor was decorated with beautifully patterned tiles. In the space where there would have been a room, I arranged elements connecting the present and the past, Japan and Taiwan, and arranged fragments of the inherited everyday scenery. So the days used to flow. While looking at tiles on the floor, I think of the time when people stayed here, the sounds of walls that I met in my life in Japan and Taiwan, and the light of the sun through windows.


この展覧会は"A Fitting Pattern" と題し、三人の作家が過去から未来へ引き継がれる物事や思想をテーマに作品を製作した。


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